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The mandate of the Sydney Architectural Conservation Society is to rescue threatened historic buildings - especially vacant and unused buildings -- by acquiring them, renovating them, protecting them with heritage covenants (easements on title), selling them to sympathetic purchasers, and by using the funds from the sale to rescue and conserve other historic buildings in the former colonial capital of Cape Breton and in the city's multicultural and architecturally rich working-class neighbourhoods.

Over time, this volunteer, non-profit effort will also create new housing and small-business units, and promote sustainable development by preventing the hollowing out of already-serviced urban areas.

The first renovation project is the Liscombe House in Sydney's North End. Built about 1870, it is one of the few Italianate buildings in Sydney. The home was purchased with donated funds in the summer of 2011. Renovations began in July and are continuing as more funds are raised. The roof, which required major repairs, has been completed, and various exterior work has been done as well. CBCL Consultants has assisted the Society with a report on the scope of work for the interior. The preliminary report was completed on November 3, 2011, and will help the Society to evaluate contractors' quotes. The original plan, still in effect, is for SACS to address the main issues and to leave it to subsequent owners to effect additional improvements, subject to a heritage easement.

The Sydney Architectural Conservation Society was incorporated in April 2011 on the initiative of the Old Sydney Society. The initiative was recommended in a report by a Cape Breton University professor, who is volunteering with the project. He studied successful heritage revolving funds around the world.

c/o Old Sydney Society
225 George St.
Sydney, NS, B1P 1J5

For more information, please contact:
Alicia Lake

Tom Urbaniak
902-563-1226 at Cape Breton University.

The first project the Liscombe House was initiated with the assistance of the Old Sydney Society and HomeMatch, a program of Cape Breton University and the Affordable Housing Renovation Partnership.